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Fitness In Teenagers (FIT)

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Based in Southampton...This awesome class is designed especially for kids/teenagers aged 11-14years. We use the latest banging current tunes to our circuits or interval training. Both are well easy to follow.

It may be that you are the sporty type - this class will help make you fitter and enhance your sporting ability. We use SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) exercises (ladders, mini hurdles, jumping), cardio (eg running) and endurance (eg press ups) exercises.

If you don't like sports because you feel you're not very competitive or don't like team games, then this class can open up a whole new world of exercise to you! You work to your own level... Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately these classes aren't running at present, please contact us if you would like a class at your venue. We can teach a combat or aerobics style class if your group would like something different.                                                                                           


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